One of those weeks

You know how you sometimes have “one of those weeks?” Well I have been having one of those weeks for about a month now. Mostly in relation to work, my social life has been soaring (I mean anything more than before is soaring because it was nonexistent).

I know that I am still so new at work and everyday I learn something new and build on what I already know. That is part of the reason I enjoy work so much. But recently I have been working “non-core” at work. We have our core business which is most of the work we do and then the non-core, which a few people get to work on. I am fortunate enough that I get to work on this non-core work because it means I am learning even more. But sometimes I feel like it is all going right over my head. Or it goes in one ear and out the other, not intentionally at all, but I just feel like I can’t pick it up.

Last week I came home from work one day and told Sara that I know I worked on stuff all day, but I felt like I didn’t get anything accomplished. Nothing was going right and I was running into issues with everything I picked up. It just felt so defeating. I know I am not the only one going through this, but it just sucks sometimes.

I just keep waiting for that day when it all just clicks. Hopefully that day is soon!


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