Marvelous Monday #2

I’m sticking with the Marvelous Monday trend here again this week except I’m going to throw in some not so marvelous things.

Marvelous is… spending time with friends on Saturday night.

Marvelous is… the snow melting.

Not so marvelous is… people being rude and anonymously harassing / sending things that are completely unnecessary. I’m not sure when people will learn that it always comes back to bite them in the butt. Nothing is anonymous in this world anymore, example one….three hundred views on my blog in one day.

Marvelous is… buffalo chicken dip. I’ve had the ingredients on hand for a while, but decided to finally make it on Sunday.

Marvelous is… I am getting WAY better at parallel parking, I even kind of enjoy it.

Not so marvelous is… finding out I need to get some work done on my transmission, I can’t catch a break.

Marvelous is… the countdown to my birthday (yes I’m vain…I’m over it).

Marvelous is… spending Sunday in bed reading, catching up on shows, and doing some laundry.

Things have been pretty marvelous around here for a while. I tend to feel like I have two really good days and then a day where nothing goes right. I just keep chugging alone hoping one day it won’t be like that.


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