Birthday Month

I am a spoiled brat and that is why I am going to make a post about how awesome it is that it is my birthday month. HOLLLLLLERRRRRR!!!! My roommate is finally back after her three week long business trip and I couldn’t be happier. I was starting to get used to living by myself, but it also gets super lonely so I am happy to have her back. I know we will both have to work on my birthday, but we plan to do something fun that night. I mean you only turn 23 once. Sometimes I think about how when my mom was 23 she was having me and that freaks me out. There is NO WAY I could have a child within the next year. Yes I could financial afford a child, but I feel I am no where near an adult enough to actually have one. Super weird. Anywho back to the point of this post, I am making a wish list. I don’t expect to get many if any birthday gifts (I mean I am an adult now) but if I were these are some things I need / want.

1. A vacuum –> my roommate and I are quite gross, we don’t own a vacuum….we are lived here for 6 months. OVER IT.

2.  Some new clothes, or just a shopping spree. I’ve lost weight I need new clothes.

3. An ice cream bowl for my Kitchenaid mixer.

4. A fancy wine table, shelf, rack or something to hold all the wine.

5. Curling wand

6. A garmin

7. A new coffee maker, I’ve been loving up on a Kuerig, but with a reusable filter thingy

8. Everything in Target.

As you can see my list is quite extensive and I have high quality tastes. Really I don’t need or want that much. I am pretty sure my list changes everyday, but really that list is just a list of what I want to treat myself to next.


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