I am lame

It’s Saturday night 8:50pm and I am sitting in bed with a bottle of cider writing my posts for the week. Yes I prewrite most of my posts. Give me a break I don’t have time to write during the week. I barley have time to get dressed in the morning. My roommate got in Friday night from being away all week and I was SO excited to get home from work. She had texted me earlier in the day asking to get sushi for dinner and I can never turn sushi down so obviously I said yes.

We planned to go to the bar down the street because we knew they served sushi, but when I got home from work it was 8:45pm and the bar was already packed. We made our way towards the town square hoping we could pop into another restaurant or bar. We had forgotten that there is actually a sushi place on the square so we decided to go there to eat. It was the best idea because the restaurant was quiet and we were able to enjoy our meal in peace while catching up on our weeks.

20140202-210121.jpg 20140202-210132.jpg

Saturday we both had to work, but planned to go to the bar that was crowded for dinner. Lucky us we got out around the same time and ended up meeting at the shopping center. Sara wanted a new bag and I am always on the look out for new shoes (hello shoe addiction). Sara found the bad she wanted, I found no shoes. My wallet thanks me. When we got home we both went into our rooms to veg out for three hours before we hit up the bar.

We ended up getting there around 6:3o and that was perfect timing. We were able to get a table in a corner so we could just chat. Like I said it’s been lonely and I haven’t had much human interaction outside of work. Sara got sushi again and I got a burger. We also got crab dip to share, YUM! Oh and some ciders, can’t go wrong with cider. Sara had treated to dinner on Friday night so I treated Saturday. We decided that buying groceries when we spend less than 12 hours a day in our house is a little absurd so I see eating out on the weekends happening a lot in our future. I don’t hate it. We both enjoyed all that we got to eat and we planned to go back soon. The time we went was perfect, we both aren’t ones to stand around at a bar so it was nice to be able to get a table to sit at.


Sunday was spent sleeping in and vegging around for most of the day. A trip to Target did happen and some yummy superbowl food also happened. I am looking forward to this next week at work, one month of busy season down….two more to go!


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