Day in the Life

A while back I started seeing, a day in the life posts all over the blog world. I wanted to do one as well, but then the day I decided to actually do it I hit snooze three times. Which is extremely unusual for me so I decided to scrap the idea. I guess that is kind of like being fake, only showing a day where I get up the moment my alarm goes off. But most days I do not hit snooze, usually never. My day always just feels worse if I hit snooze a million times.

Anywhooo here is a post about the day in the life of an auditor during busy season. I should state up front that my life as an auditor is very different than most others. For example, I get home a little earlier than my roommate, I spend most (if not all) days at the office, not at a clients and so on.

6:15am Alarm goes off time to take a shower

6:30am Pour a cup of coffee to enjoy while getting ready

7:30am Walk to my car to start my morning commute

7:45am Of course I get stopped at every single traffic light

8:00am Parked in my normal spot at work, unpacked my belongings, set up my workstation

8:05am Time to get to work, crunching numbers, making sure internal controls are in place. You know the exciting stuff 😉

9:00am First bathroom break

12:00pm I’m starting to get hungry so I eat my granola bar and raid the snack table

12-3pm Go to the bathroom a handful of times (I’ve been on a water kick at work)

3pm Start to get tired, is it the end of the day yet? Nope, still have 5 hours of work left

5:30/6pm Dinner break, lucky for us we get 15$ towards a meal if we work more than 11 hours

9pm I got really into what I was doing and didn’t want to put it down, finally finished my work for the day

9:20pm Back in the neighborhood, time to try to find some parking

9:25pm I got lucky someone was leaving and I sniped a decent spot where I won’t have to move my car by 7am

9:30pm First thing I do when I get home is put on my PJs, prep my coffee maker for the morning, check my email, call anyone back that I missed a call from (the usual suspects)

10:30pm I have passed out

Then I wake up and do it all over again. Busy season sure is busy, but I am enjoying it. I don’t mind working late because I am busy all day. I don’t sit around hoping for work, I am legitimately busy alllll day long. I am learning a ton! So there you have it, a day in the life of me!


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