Playing Catch Up

This weekend was spent playing catchup. Catchup with my roommate, catch up with friends…you know the drill. I got home Friday night around 8:15pm and my roommate was waiting for me! She had been away on a business trip all week and was finallllly home. She texted me saying she was headed to a friends, but would wait if I wanted to come. I had this HUGE plans to just laying in bed all night doing absolutely nothing, but knew I should be social. So she waited and as soon as I got home we headed out. I parked illegally thinking I would move my car when we got home because it would be after 10pm and I could park at Rite Aid only a block away. We had been drinking and I was feeling lazy so I decided to just leave me car, and I didn’t have a parking ticket yet.

When I woke up in the morning I was greeted with a parking ticket, oh well. I knew it was coming, I’m over it. I noticed a ton of other people with parking tickets when I left for work on Saturday so I felt a little less bad about it. I’ve learned my lesson for a while. During the week I will drive around for 30-40 minutes looking for parking when I get home from work, but Friday I was just being lazy and I was okay with that. My parking ticket was written at 4:30am, same time as my ticket a couple of weeks ago. My roommate and I think it must be someone who has a shift that starts at 4am and they hate their life so they just ticket everyone. At least it was warranted, I was parked illegally.


My roommate and I both worked all day Saturday and when I got home I just vegged in my bed. We had plans to do nothing but lay around and watch SVU and Heart of Dixie. Well right after Sara got home that friend’s house we went to on Friday texted and said she was headed to a bar relatively close to us and invited us along. Again we are trying to work on our social skills and knew we should join. We only stayed for about an hour and a half and were home by 9:30pm so it was perfect for us. We decided to watch SVU together before we both went to bed. I have missed having Sara around when she was away on work and I was so happy she was home. Living alone gets a little boring and lonely.

Sunday I slept in a little, not really that much, but enough to be content. I had made plans with Meredith to get together for lunch at our favorite sushi place. Even though she is still at Loyola and it’s extremely close we don’t get together enough. We both get busy and then forget to make plans. My goal for the rest of the spring is to get together more often. The sushi was delicious and I am glad went! I always have a good time with her even if it just to grab lunch. I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging on the couch, cleaning my apartment, and reading. The perfect way to end a weekend.


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