I’m a little more broke and…

and little less in debt! I just paid off another loan. It feels really good to say that, granted the large one is still left and that is the one I’ll be paying off for the rest of my life. But it is nice to know I will only have one monthly payment for loans starting in February instead of three. Did I ever tell you when those loan payments start? Oh I didn’t, well they start on my birthday. Nothing says welcome to the real world like a 23rd birthday and a large chunk of money leaving my bank account headed to the government. I am not trying to make it sound like this was all a surprise, I knew fair well going into college that I would have loans. It’s just a part of life for some and I am okay with that. It actually makes me feel good about myself, I helped pay for my college education. Granted I didn’t pay for it then and I am paying for it now. I probably would not feel this way had I not had a job. There would be absolutely no way I could pay back my loans if I didn’t have a good full time job.

It always feels good though to pay something off, whether it be a student loan, a large credit card bill, car payments, or any type of payments.




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