December Book

This post is a little delayed, but remember how every once in a while I say I made a resolution last year to read a book each month. I did REALLLLLY well up until December. I started my December book a little early, was off to a good start, and then got some bad news that put me not in the mood to read. All month I’ve gone to bed without reading, I just fall asleep because I am exhausted from what is going on. Reading is usually my time to step away from things and unfortunately in December I didn’t get that time.

I am trying to finish the book I was reading, but I’m just not really into it any more. I decided not to make any book resolutions for 2014 because of how busy work will be for the first three months of the year, but I really hope to read a good amount of books. For Christmas my grandmother gave me a book by a local author and I can’t wait to read it!

I will continue to update the Book Page when I finish a book so if you want to read along you can.


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