It’s official

I am a Maryland resident! I have been putting it off for a while now, but I think the time had come. My roommate went last weekend the MVA and I decided to go this weekend. It was nice because she told me exactly what I would need and it made the process a lot more simple. The MVA opened at 8:30 so I planned to get there around 8:15, I knew there would be a line, but I figured it would be reasonable. The whole process was efficient and from the time I pulled into the parking lot and the time I pulled out it was an hour. I am sad to see my old license number gone and to have to learn a new one, but I guess that is life. One day I’ll be a NH resident again, but I don’t see that day happening in the near future. As for the rest of the weekend I spent it lounging around my house only getting out of bed to get food and go to the bathroom. The way life should be on the weekends 😉


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