Bad Luck

I used to think I had the worst luck ever, then I realized that there are people in the world who have worse luck than I do. But I have come to the conclusion that when something goes wrong in my life, it goes all the way wrong, not just a little wrong. For example every single thing that happened in 2013, I swear I am going through my quarter-life crisis two years early.

Another lovely example my damn car. This past Monday was the start of busy season, yay! I ended up getting work earlier than expected so my long days started then. My supervisor and I were the last ones in the office and didn’t leave until 9pm. Luckily there was no one on the roads and I sailed home, calling my grandparents to check in. I drove around for 20 minutes looking for a parking spot before giving up and parking illegally in front of my house. Honestly there is always a car in that space and I was lucky it was still open!

I had this feeling that, that would be the night I got a parking ticket. Well my gut was right, when I got up to move my car in the morning there was a lovely piece of paper under my wiper blade. I guess it was my time, I’ve lived here for 6 months and have parked illegally multiple times (everyone does it) so it finally caught up to me. Lesson learned, at least for the next couple of weeks šŸ˜‰


Fast forward 45 minutes after moving my car and I get in it to go to work. It’s so cold my car won’t move out of park. I had planned to sit in the car and let it warm up before leaving, but I hadn’t planned to sit for that long. When I finally got the car out of park, it was off to work I go. The road I take to work was a water main break, helllllo detour. Somehow I still managed to make it to work on time.

A full day at work and on my way out of the garage the next thing went wrong. It’s 6 degrees out, I roll my window down to scan my garage pass. As I’m leaving the garage I try to roll my window up, no luck. Let me say this again, it was cold and there was traffic. About 5 minutes later the window finally started rolling up a bit. I made it home, managed to find a parking space and was enjoying my left over chinese food 15 minutes later!


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