I am so lucky (sarcasm)

Hey two posts in one week? Who am I?? I even had ambitions to post on Friday, but some wonderful things happened Wednesday night/ Thursday morning so I didn’t get the chance. What are these wonderful things?? Let’s back up to Wednesday night.

Wednesday night Sara and I had plans to hit up RA Sushi. We both signed up for their emails and in the month of your half birthday they send you a 20$ gift certificate to use. Well October was Sara’s half birthday month so of course we waited until the second to last day and headed to sushi for dinner. Sara got stuck in a lot of traffic on her way home from work so when she came home we quickly checked the bus schedule and headed out the door. We were rushing to the bus stop hoping the bus was just a couple of minutes late. When we got to the bus stop I realized I didn’t have my bus card, I know I had just had it in my purse and now I couldn’t find it. I was freaking out because there was about 25$ on it and anyone could just pick it up and use it before I got the chance to cancel it. I calmed down when we got to the restaurant and we enjoyed our sushi, at the end when the waitress brought our check it was for $3.71. We didn’t plan so well on the bus ride home so we had to wait for about 30 minutes until our bus came. We got off a stop early and walked back scouring the sidewalks for my card. I NEEDED TO FIND IT SO I COULD RIDE THE BUS TO WORK. Good news is about halfway back to our house we found it lying in the grass!

When we got home we walked in the door and turned on our kitchen sink to prep our tea kettle and coffee maker. There was horrible pressure (like usual) and then it turned to a drip. UH WHAT. We both had to shower in the morning. We went upstairs to our bathrooms and basically the same thing happened. I turned on my shower and let it run for about 15 minutes and the water came back fine so we let it be and hoped much of the same would happen in the morning.

Thursday morning rolls around I got up around 6 to shower and get ready for work, Sara was already out of the house at the horse barn and headed back home to also shower and get ready for work. I texted Sara to say that I thought the water was worse, I left my shower running for about 20 minutes and it finally sounded like it was kind of back to normal. I hopped in quickly and as soon as I got out Sara walked through the door and she hopped in my shower. We didn’t want to chance turning off mine and then not being about to have any water in her shower.

Sara had a meeting in her office so we drove to work together and then on her way to her client she called our landlord. Unfortunately our landlords phone is “not accepting calls at this time.” We called repeatedly on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, sent an email, and then on Saturday we even sent a handwritten note. We ended up having the city  come out and check our water on Saturday. They said it isn’t anything on their end so it’s gotta be something in our house and we CANNOT wait to get it fixed, the laundry is piling up.


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