If you know me even a little bit you know that I love food. I am not super picky and can usually find something I like anywhere I go. I mentioned in my last post that I spent a week in Boston for work. Well being away for work means eating out every meal. Which isn’t awesome, but when it isn’t coming out of my wallet it’s a little easier to suffer through. Most morning were spent grabbing a croissant and a coffee/chai from the hotel market. Lunch was usually wraps from a local take-out place or a trip to the grocery store down the road. The last lunch of the week was eaten at Basta Pasta! Dinners were totally different, we actually left the building for them! There was one pretty picky eater with us and then a vegetarian so we had to watch where we ate.

Our first night we wanted to go somewhere close because we were all so tired. We stumbled into this Irish pub and the menu was large. I ended up going with a classic turkey club and I couldn’t have been happier. It was exactly what I wanted for dinner, and I didn’t have any left overs.

The second night the vegetarian of our group suggested a restaurant called Wagamamas. I immediately perked up when she said that because it is a chain in the UK and I had eaten there when I was abroad! Even though I am not super picky, I still don’t reallllly like spicy food. So I ended up getting grilled chicken with mango salsa and sides of broccoli and brown rice. I left most of the rice, but devoured everything else. I am a sucker for mango salsa

The boys of the group really wanted to go to the polish restaurant so on Wednesday night we ventured to the polish place. I knew there would be multiple items on the menu I would eat so I just went with some kielbasa. It was yummy and brought back all those times my mom made kielbasa at home for dinner.

Our last night in Boston we ventured to the North End. We waited in line outside for at least 45 minutes and were ready to eat by the time we sat down at our table. The Italian restaurant was small, but the food was good. I ended up getting lobster ravioli and it was the perfect amount of food. YUM. Our last stop of the night was at Mikes Pastry, a chocolate chip canoli was the perfect ending.

Overall the food was good and I left at the end of the week feeling like I probably gained 20 pounds.

p.s. nonfood related i can’t wait for my stitch fix box to come this weekend!!


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