I am really good at…

waiting two weeks and then publishing a blog post. I’m over it. Every Thursday night I feel extremely determined to get a post up for my weekly roundup, but then I just get tired. Well here is my two-week round-up for you all.


I’ve officially been at my job for a month! All is going well, slowly I’ve been getting work. This past week I was in Boston working. It was fun to be on a business trip, but by the end of the week I was ready to be back in my own bed. I wish I could have stayed longer and seen some friends, but I needed to get back to Baltimore. Maybe I can make another trip to Boston soon!


Yaaaa about that….well I’ve been studying for my second section, but the studying is slow. VERY SLOW. I set the date to take the test, so now I feel like it’s really down to the wire (even though I have plenty of time). Still waiting on my first section scores, not looking forward to those. I will be extremely happy when all this studying and test taking is OVER!!


My life is quite boring. I spend all day at work, come home study for a little bit, then watch SVU until the ripe hour of 9pm and head to bed. The next day I do it all over again. Seriously I am lame. I am kind of okay with that though. Flag football is going well, and by that I mean we haven’t actually played a game in over a month…we suck. Last week Sara and I went out with some people from school. It was weird and almost felt like I was back in college, I am not. My body hated me the next day. This past weekend was a lot more low-key, a flag football game Saturday and then trying to get to know our neighborhood Saturday night.

Overall I am just trucking along. I will try to post more frequently, but honestly I am boring. I don’t want to give up the blog entirely I would miss it too much, but I definitely will try to be around.



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