1 week down 2,236 weeks to go

That is how many weeks I have left until retirement. Not that I am dreading work, but I saw the year of my retirement on paperwork this week and it shocked me. I never thought about the actual year that I could possibly retire, for those of you who are wondering that year is 2056. YIKES!

Last I left off I had spent the weekend at home, I spent that week doing absolutely nothing. Which is not okay, I should have been studying. I did however finish watching the entire season of Desperate Housewives, I think that’s 4 shows this entire summer. I seriously have no life. Ah the summer post grad. We had a flag football game and I managed to catch the ball 4 times. I figured out I can only guarantee a catch if I’m close so I just go far enough away to get a completion and then wait for the ball.

Monday I started work. I picked out my outfit the night before (I’ve been doing this everyday..saves time) and then set my alarm for 6:30am. When I woke up I got ready for work, shuffled around my house waiting until it was time to go and then drove to work. They were validating parking our first day so I took the opportunity to drive to work. We spent the entire day learning about the company and the basics of what we would be doing. I got home a little later than I normally will, but still managed to get a parking spot across the street from my house. SCORE!

Tuesday I had to be at work a little later, I decided to take a bus that comes later than the one I will normally take. Well my bus never showed up. Boo. I have been stalking the bus schedule for a while now so I knew I had other options I just had to walk up a couple of blocks. So I walked up to the park and hopped on the first bus that came. I was one of the last to show up, but I still managed to be early so I was happy. Tuesday was spent learning all about the programs we will be using and more of the actual things we will be doing for our first year. Hopped on the bus home and survived my second day.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I decided to take my regular bus and show up almost an hour early, but the later bus is just too crowded. I took the time in the morning to do somethings I needed to, but I will probably use that time in the future to study a little bit. More training happened and it all felt like a ton of information being thrown at us. I think once I start really working it will feel better about it and finally get the hang of it. Friday I think was the most important training as we learned about major industry that we work with. Friday afternoon we finally got to sit at our desks (cubicles). My cubicle friends are nice and I am even going to be working on a few projects with them so that will be nice.

Friday night for dinner my roommate and I attended a soft opening. Red Robin is opening up near by and they were training their staff so they invited the neighborhood to stop by for free food. We were able to get an appetizer, two dinners (unless you wanted a main entrée then you could get one and a burger..kinda confusing), a dessert, and a milkshake. So to say we left stuffed is a given. We got our milkshakes to go and drank them as we walked home. It was a really neat experience and it was a nice way to relax after my first full week at work.

The rest of the weekend was spent at a flag football game, catching up on cleaning, and cracking down on studying!


One thought on “1 week down 2,236 weeks to go

  1. Work goes by fast, why it seems like yesterday I started working, it was actually 1991 and now I’m half way to retirement! 20 more years!!!!

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