Stitch Fix

Well I hopped on the Stitch Fix train. I had signed up earlier in April, but didn’t take the plunge until a couple of weeks ago. Wednesday my first box arrived. Let me back up a little and explain what Stitch Fix is. Stitch Fix is basically a personal stylist. On the website you tell them your size, style, price range and a personal stylist is assigned to you and creating your box. You even get to assign when you want your box!

Before I ordered my first box I took a lot of time to think and decide if I reallllly wanted to get a box. After a lot of consideration I decided it was a go. The initial cost was $20 and was used as a shipping fee, but could be credited towards a purchase from my box. If you end up keeping all five items from your box you get 25% off your purchase as well as the original 20$ credited.

So around 3pm on Wednesday my box arrived. I barreled down the stairs to catch the FedEx girl and barreled back up the stairs to rip it open! I knew the prices of my options before I got my box because I had gone on the website and it told me. The prices were a little higher than I would have liked, but I remembered that I also said it could be a little higher since I had asked for some business casual. So I also knew I received two dresses, a shirt, a pair of pants, and a jacket/sweater. IMG_2063 IMG_2064

The first piece I tried on was the red dress. I liked the style, but the color just isn’t for me. The dress was the second most expense item I received. The arms were a little tight, but overall it fit nicely. It was a little thicker so it would have been nice to wear in the winter with a pair of tights, but ultimately I decided against the dress. IMG_2070

I actually didn’t end up trying on this item because with one look I knew it wasn’t for me. To be honest it reminded me of something my mom would wear (no offense mom!) and I’m pretty sure she has something very similar. IMG_2071

The third item I tried on was the second dress. I loved the pattern and style of this dress! It was the most expense item in my box and that helped me decide about whether I wanted it or not. It also was a little long, fell right below my knee. If it had been cheaper and wasn’t so long I probably would have kept it. IMG_2072

I started to put on the pants and decided against it. Apparently tuxedo pants are in style now, but it really just isn’t for me. I just am not that badass. The material was nice and thick and would have been nice for pants, but wasn’t for me. The price wasn’t horrible either.


The last item was a hi-lo blouse. I immediately loved it because of the color. I also loved that it was short-sleeved because I don’t have many blouses that are short-sleeved and I could easily wear a sweater or jacket over it and not feel like I am suffocating. I tried it on and liked how it felt and where it fell on my body. This item was the cheapest in my box and I decided to keep it! I tried it on with some skirts in my closet and realized I could utilize this shirt with many items already in my closet.


So overall I ended up keeping one item, but I was happy with what I kept and what I sent back. Each item also came with a styling card and that was super helpful. Online once you get your box you get to tell Stitch Fix what you’re keeping. You also tell them about the sizing, style, price, fit, and any comments you had. I made sure to leave comments on everything and was very specific. Also I already ordered my next box! It will be coming in the middle of October so I will have received at least one paycheck. That will be nice 😉 So overall it was a great experience and I would recommend it to all. If you want to sign up you can use this link (shameless plug: referral link – which by the way gives you credit)! IMG_2075


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