The Mondays

Most people find Monday to be the worst day of the week, I sometimes fall into this category. Recently though that hasn’t been the case. Since I haven’t started working yet and I just study all day I find myself finding ways to get distracted. Mondays end up being the day that I get my focus back and get to the nitty gritty. Every since Saturday I have been slacking in the CPA studying department. Today I knew I needed to get to it. Well get to it, is what I did. I thankfully finished a whole chapter and the homework (might not seem like a lot…it is).

Backing up to this past weekend I had a lot on my plate. I got a letter on Friday from work about my background check that I need to take care of as quick as possible. I used this as an excuse to go to a bank near school and get breakfast with a friend. Meredith and I hit up Towson Hot Bagel and it was SO delicious!! I haven’t had it in so long and an everything bagel with lox and cream cheese is just what I needed. It was still mid morning when I got back ( I wanted to get everything out of the way in the morning) so I got to work with CPA stuff. Seriously it’s taking over my life. I finished the chapter I was working on and then had to get ready. What was I getting ready for?? Oh just a friendly game of flag football. Yup I joined a flag football team and we had our first game. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be and I really liked everyone on our team. After the game we stayed after and enjoyed a few beverages while our captain reffed the game after ours. Then we all headed to one of the bars that sponsors the league for some drinks and appetizers. By the time we got back to our house we were exhausted, but it was well worth it. Friends are in the making šŸ˜‰ Finally something to do with my life other than people watch out our living room window.

Sunday was spent doing a whole lot of nothing, I attempted to review the 7 chapters I had covered in my CPA book, but really didn’t get very far. I instead watched a whole lot of Desperate Housewives and attempted to finish my scrapbook from my trip abroad. Overall it was a nice relaxing weekend that I needed to take a semi small break from studying.

Tonight is the last day I sleep on an air mattress and tomorrow my bed-spring and mattress arrive. I will finally have a free bedroom!! Then on Thursday I’m headed home!


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