not intended

Well I did not intend to be gone that long. I finally finished moving into my apartment on Tuesday and have been living it up in my apartment. My roommate is gone so I’ve been alone and it’s kinda boring, but I’m getting by. Wednesday our cable and internet was installed and I awkwardly introduced myself to the barbershop owner in front. The rest of the day was spent unpacking and cleaning. Thursday I spent the day doing absolutely nothing. The day dragged on and all I got done was some scrapbooking, better late than never right?! I have finished all of last summer, into the fall a little and my spring break. I think the spring break pages might be the best!

Friday I made a trip to Ikea to pick out a dresser. Unfortunately it was too heavy for me to carry by myself so I wouldn’t have been able to get it out of the car into the house so once my roommate returns we will take another trip at least now we can run in and run out because I know exactly where to get it. I also went to Target to pick up some essentials and some groceries. Target has this new app called Cartwheel. You get 14 spots to start with and you add in things you want to save on. I only saved a little over a dollar, but it was still nice. I can’t wait for the Target to open near us in a couple of months. I then came home and finally applied for my notice to sit for the CPA and for my review materials. I had been putting it off because I knew I wasn’t going to start studying until August, but August is here…EEEEK.

The weekend was spent doing basically the same thing as the rest of the week! I can’t wait for my roommate to get back.


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