Today’s the Day!!

Today’s the day, the day my roommate and I can move into our new apartment…wahooo!! I am sad to be leaving my aunt and uncles house. As I finish my final projects for my classes I am ecstatic. I wish I was completely done already so I could throw all my stuff in the car and head out. Although I am happy to get into my new place (it feels like this process has taken forever) I am going to miss my routine here at my aunt and uncles. I am excited to get another weekend with them though. Friday night we are headed to the movies and then Saturday we head to CT for a family get together.

I am also looking forward to tomorrow. THE LAST DAY OF CLASSES!! I have been looking forward to this day all summer. Right after graduation classes started up so I had no time to take a break. It will be nice to get a little break, although studying for the CPA starts next Monday. UHMPH. It is a never ending cycle, but this is life.


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