It’s FRIDAY 🙂 I am thrilled…kind of. By that I mean I am using this day as a normal “school day” and will be working on my final papers. EW. I have two 3000 word essays due next week; one Tuesday and one Thursday. I also have to make presentations on these papers so I can present them in class. I am so sick of presentations, last week I had two in one class period. I probably spent an hour and a half presenting…my class period is 3 hours long! Oh well that is life. In my third class I have a website to build, it is coming out horribly so I am really looking forward to that (read: sarcasm).

Other than staring at my computer screen, taking 10 minute facebook breaks, and drinking my dunks I have no plans for the rest of today or this weekend. My life shall revolve around school work and starting to pack. Yup you read that right. In less than a week I’ll be moving into my apartment!!! I am SO pumped, everyday my roommate texts me with a countdown, I love it. Since my last day of classes is also move in day I plan to pack my car up the day before full of stuff. Then book it down to my apartment after class, unpack quickly, then grab dinner with my roommate for our first night in our own apartment! I will still have some stuff at my aunt and uncles because I am headed to CT with them for the weekend next weekend so I know I will be back on Monday to bring the rest of my stuff to my apartment. Here is a picture of our lovely curb appeal (again sarcasm), but didn’t anyone ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover!? Although I do judge books by their cover, the inside of this apartment makes up for any lack of curb appeal. I will show more pictures of the inside, but not until we move some stuff in!


It seems unreal. The summer has flown by and although July had been a horrible month for me (I keep waiting for something to go wrong) I am ready to move on. I am beyond thankful for my family and their generosity they have helped me through so much this summer and I am glad I got to spend two months hanging out with my cousins everyday. Yesterday night before bed my 7-year-old cousin came in my room and asked if I had found a house to live in, when I told him I had and was moving out next week he sulked away from my room into his. I feel bad, I shall miss them, but lucky for them I am only an hour away so I can come bug them whenever!

On a totally side note, the book page was updated. I read too fast and too much. I just get hooked and can’t stop. My mom just loaned me some books through Amazon, but I know if I start reading I won’t stop and I need to finish these papers. Unfortunately they won’t write themselves.


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