Farm to Table

This past weekend my aunt and uncle took me out to dinner as a birthday celebration for my aunt. We have been planning this for a couple of weeks now and I was really looking forward to it. With everything that was going on last week I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to enjoy myself, but it all worked out and the meal was fabulous!


They had originally talked about taking me to a restaurant that does 6-course meals. They have been there before and absolutely love it so they wanted me to see what it was like to dine as an “adult.” Unfortunately the earliest we could get reservations was the end of July and we were already booking it in June. We didn’t want to wait that long so another favorite of theirs was picked. We went to The Restaurant at Pawtomack Farm. Like the other restaurant this restaurant has an 8 course meal or you can choose an a la carte style.

Pawtomack Farm is a farm to table restaurant. So much that we actually watched someone from the kitchen go out to the garden pick something and head back into the kitchen. Two courses later we were eating what we had watched her pick. We chose to eat the destination menu which was the 8 courses. We also did a wine pairing. Each wine was paired with the foods and it was delicious.


Amuse Bouche



In between the first and second course the restaurant picked up and the tables filled. We got our Farmer’s Gazpacho and started eating. At first we didn’t know if we were getting wine, we couldn’t see our waitress, so we ate. I am a slow eater so by the time our waitress came with our wine I still had some left to eat! Our waitress apologized for bring the wine over late and made a point to always be at our table with wine when our food came out.


Farmer’s Gazpacho


Fish and Chips

The fish and chips were yummy. I immediately thought the green stuff was avocados turned guac. Little did I know it was actually “mushy peas.” HA. It didn’t taste like peas.


Faith Like a Mustard Seed Pork Belly

My favorite course was the pork belly. It was cooked perfectly and I wish I could have had more of it. My least favorite was the lemon cucumber sobert as an intermezzo.




Ashley Farm’s Chicken Braisage

The chicken was delicious and I loved all the vegetables that were included. It was supposed to include puffed rice, but we all agreed that we didn’t have rice. That was okay because I wouldn’t have wanted to fill up on rice anyway. I was also getting full as this was coming to the end of the meal.


Lavender Sorbet from the Pastry Chef to “cleanse our pallets”


Fried Blueberry Mille-Feuille

The fried blueberry dish was to die for. Unfortunately I was way to full at this point and didn’t enjoy it as much as I should have. A cappuccino was also had.





I was stuffed by the end of the meal, I didn’t even eat my “sweet treat.” That I saved for home and ended up eating this morning for breakfast. Eight courses were more than enough and today I decided I don’t want to be that full for a while! Lots of wine was had and as soon as I got home I passed out.

Ever been to a farm to table restaurant?


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