Two Weeks

For the past two weeks I have been stressed out to the max. My car died, I had to get a new car, that needed work. A lot of expensive work. And I’ve slowly been freaking out. I read this article last night and thought it was fitting. I believe I am going through #1 and #9 happened last week: Post Grad Problems. Is it possible to go through a quarter life crisis when you are only 22? If it is I am definitely having one now. I have been known to be quite independent. I don’t like to owe people, I try not to ask for help, and I am as stubborn as can be. This past week I have had to ask for help, owe people, and let my stubbornness take a back seat. It has been extremely hard for me and I have broken down multiple times. I think it might be starting to scare people. The other night at the dinner table I started to cry and I think my aunt and uncle didn’t know what to do. I have dropped some weight because my appetite is non existent. Non existent to the point that yesterday when I was waiting for a tow truck I couldn’t even muster the appetite to walk to the DDs and get a coffee. It is horrible, I love DDs!

After being talked down multiple times and being told this type of stuff happens to everyone I am slowly coming to terms with it. I feel like recently I have the worst luck and cannot catch a break. I don’t think all of this stuff would be as bad had it happened in about 6 months. I was saving for a new car, I would save even more once I was working full-time. But nope the contour wanted to die when I still had stuff to pay off and I wasn’t working at all. All it had to do was wait a couple of months.

I hope this is my quarter life crisis because I don’t know what I’m gonna do when I have to go through another one in three years after I turn 25. I am however extremely thankful for the people in my life. I have no idea what I would have done had I not had people around who were 100% supporting me. If I am not around the blog world for a while I am busy dealing with the things going on in life and I don’t want this blog to be about complaining.

Anyone gone through a quarter life crisis?


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