I spent mine relaxing (as best I could) with my family it was the perfect way. The reason I tried to relax as best as possible is that my car is no longer. Last Thursday my car overheated on my way home from school. I pulled over, let it cool down, and then drove the last 15 minutes home. Saturday I took it somewhere to get the coolant flushed because I thought that might be the problem. It was not. On my way to school Tuesday it overheated again and I never made it to school. Instead I spent my day in an auto shop waiting to get my car looked at. They finally looked at it, told me it wasn’t the second thing I thought it was and that it was a cracked head. Wowahh pricey. The guy told me I would be better off putting that money towards a new car since mine is so old and has so many miles.


So I cried and cried and cried. I am a crier, I’m over it. The guy told me it was just a car, but all that went through my head was “how the heck am I supposed to get to school an hour away twice a week.” All I could think about all day before my flight and on my flight was my horrible luck. I basically broke down again in the car with my dad and then spent the majority of Wednesday crying over my computer searching for cars. I honestly felt so hopeless like it wouldn’t work out no matter what anyone said.


So as I scoured the local ads and dealerships for something in my price range I tried to de-stress. On my way to the dentist on Wednesday I went a different way and saw a car for sale, super cheap and perfectly in my price range. I made an appointment to go see it with my dad. At the same time we contacted one of my mom’s coworkers husbands (that was a mouthful) who is a dealer and often gets cars for a little cheaper. He had two cars in my price range; an expedition and a volvo cross country. I knew I didn’t want an expedition because those are gas guzzlers and there is no reason for me to have that large of a car, especially living in a city. So I decided to look at the volvo.

The volvo wasn’t too old, in my price range, and didn’t have a horrible amount of miles already on it. I dragged my dad to check it out and he gave it the go ahead. We are just waiting for a few more things, but I may finally have found some luck!!! 🙂



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