I’m Home!!

I am officially back home in NH!!! Only for a week, but I’ll take it. Who knows when the next time I will be able to make it home so I plan to do all the things I love. After class yesterday I hopped on a later flight and touched down in NH right around 9pm. My dad was waiting for me and we made the twoish hour trek home from the airport. To say it was a late night is an understatement. My bedtime these days resembles that of a 5 year olds, I am in bed by 8pm (9pm at the latest) and usually asleep by 10pm.

Today I have big plans to cross my fingers that it doesn’t rain, visit with my out-of-state family who is here for the week, get my teeth cleaned at the dentist and hangout with one of my oldest best friends that I haven’t seen in far to long.


The reason for my trip home is to celebrate my great aunts 80th birthday. My dad’s brother and sister (and their families) all live in Alaska so we rarely get to see them. Lucky for us they purchased retirement homes in our town this past year and two years ago so they are here to celebrate as well.

I won’t have a car while I am home so I plan to get great use out of my bike. I bought my beautiful mint green beach cruiser two summers ago and haven’t gotten a lot of use out of it after that very first summer. Growing up I loved riding my bike so I am looking forward riding all around town. Good thing all my family and friends live within riding distance, if they didn’t I probably would be choosing wisely who I see…JUST KIDDING 😉 I actually am thrilled to be home! I love being at the lake, eating dinner at my grandparents, stopping by the ice cream place and just being peaceful. All the things that summer should be.


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