New Page!!

I said last week I was adding a page to my header. Well I wanted to pop in and tell ya it’s finally up and labeled books! It’s neat looking back and seeing all the books I have read in the past three years since I started the blog. I am sure I have read more and have just forgotten. When I remember what I’ve read I will be sure to add it to the list. I also haven’t done reviews on all the books, but might start doing some. Some might be thinking, how the heck I can afford all these books.

Picture 1

Just a portion of the list!!

I borrow a lot of books from my online lending library. I unfortunately do not have a library card anymore so I’ve been hijacking my little brothers. He will live, I don’t get late fees. I also borrow a lot of books from my friends through amazon and my kindle. Last, but not least I take advantage of the free books on Kindle when I wanna read something simple and quick OR I keep my eyes open for daily deals that consist of books I want to read. Sometimes books will randomly be 3$ so I keep my eyes open for those and buy them then!! I am always looking for book recommendations so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass them my way!!!



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