drum roll please.

Nothing says welcome to the real world like your car overheating and signing a lease. I HAVE A PLACE TO LIVE!! dun dun dun dunnnnnn. Last night after class my roommate and I officially signed our lease and put down our deposit. Come August we will not be homeless! After many many months of not finding the perfect place (and not settling) we were completely happy with our decision.

Last week we spent all Wednesday driving around visiting 5 places (we even cancelled 2 places). This place was the cheapest of our visits and we thought for sure there would be something terrible about the place. The house was in the area we wanted, walking distance to so many things, public transportation on our street, 2BR/2BA. It was perfect, for us. We really didn’t see anything wrong with it and were so excited we put in an application on the spot. There was another couple there putting in an application at the same time and they were sweet talking the landlord, trying to slyly one up my roommate and myself. Come on if you are 31 (that’s how old they said they were) you should be able to afford more than what my roommate and I can afford coming right out of school, and it was under our top budget. We let it go and on our way out thanked the landlord and told her it was our favorite place. As a follow up the next day we sent her our offer letters and another reminder that we loved the house, but would need to keep searching if she didn’t think we were the right fit.

After not hearing from her for a couple of days, I assume as she made her decision, we took a big step and decided to offer her more money. We were a little apprehensive, but considering we had budgeted for 250$ more dollars than the rent currently was we figured an extra $50 wouldn’t break our bank. She got back to us saying she had picked us and our offer for more solidified the deal. We were shocked and so happy, we could barely speak when we were on the phone.

The place is cozy, but we both don’t need much space. We can be happy with little. After thinking about it more, I like the idea of cozy because maybe it won’t take as much to heat and cool the place! We can save some moola on utilities. All I want to do is plan how I want our little apartment to look and I cannot wait to move it. Granted it will be a bummer to have to start cooking all my food again (thanks amber!).

In other news it’s Friday and the weekend is upon us. I plan to do nothing, but be lazy and read Mindy Kalings book! Hopefully the weather will cooperate and be nice. I’ll be at home next week so I may or may not be posting. We shall see how exciting my life gets. It probably won’t be, the most exciting thing on my agenda is a dentist appointment.


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