i lied

So I lied, I don’t actually have exciting news for today..whoops! Hang around for Friday morning, by then I should have something exciting to share.

Yesterday was the end of one of my classes. THANK THE LORD!!!! It was my writing class and it’s over. It is tough business having a lengthy writing assignment due twice a week with not a lot of time to prepare. A new class starts soon to take its place, but I get a week off. Well not really, instead my Tuesday and Thursday morning classes are just double upped tomorrow and Tuesday.

Last week I got my official start date. I cannot wait! I am beyond excited, but extremely nervous. I have started new jobs before, but my longest job last years and I was so comfortable there. It will be a brand new start. To be honest, I am completely afraid of failing. Of not being able to do the work correctly, to falling behind, to just not being good enough. I assume this is what most people feel like when they start jobs, but it just seems completely overwhelming. At least I still have another three months to completely prepare myself. Wow three months, seems like a long time, but I know it will be here before I know it.

I have been reading up a storm, a million books a month and I should have some reviews up soon. I am going to create a page at the top of the blog about the books I have read. First though let me tell you about this audiobook I started. Oh boy, since my commute is a little over an hour two days a week I have some time to spare. In the morning I listen to a talk show, but in the afternoons I kinda just space out. I decided to get the first Harry Potter book on audiotape. So far I am 7 chapters in and am so happy I decided to do this, and when I finish I’ll move on to the next book. I actually own the 4th book on audiotape so I have experienced the books on tape before and had loved it previously.

Do you listen to audiobooks?

ps shout out to my youngest brother for graduating 8th grade yesterday, I can’t believe he is headed to high school!!


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