fun facts monday?

1. Sorry to have been absent for last week, I was busy house hunting! And also doing homework, and seeing some friends (hi liz!!).

2. If you follow me on twitter you know I looooove to complain about all my school work. It is still a pain, I am trying to get the hang of it. I seem to do alright when I don’t have a boat load of reading for one class. When my teacher assigns us a normal amount of reading I can usually do it in one night, leaving the next day dedicated to my other class. Then when I finish I treat myself by watching all the shows I missed in my Hulu Queue.

3. I read this article last night before bed: and I can tell you by the end of my summer I will have watched all of them!

4. I also read somewhere that The Babysitters Club is on Netflix, yah I will be watching that as well. If 7th Heaven can’t be on Netflix I should satisfy my Netflix hunger by Babysitters Club. Helllllo show from the 90s, literally it was only on in 1990!

5. I have this to-do list, I never get anything done on it. I have had call becker on my to-do list since the end of the school year, still haven’t gotten to it. I am not ready to order my study books for the CPA. I sure will be happy in about two years when I am done studying for anything I have to. That is unless I decide to get a masters. ugh school.

6. In a week and one day I will be home!!! I cannot wait to see all my peeps, sit on the beach all day erry day and go to the dentist eat my grandmothers delicious cheesy potatoes (yes I’m a fatty but I do not care!)

I might have some fun news coming your way on Wednesday, keep your eyes open!!

What is on your to-do list today?


2 thoughts on “fun facts monday?

  1. I tried to watch The Babysitters Club on Netflix the other day and only made it through 5 minutes haha. I wouldn’t mind watching the movie that came out later though.. loved that!

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