apartment hunting

I have briefly mentioned it on the blog a couple of times that my roommate and I have been apartment hunting. Well we have been apartment hunting for SO long, like since March! We weren’t exactly sure what we were looking for so starting early was good for us. We searched high and low to find what we liked; we ultimately decided on a townhouse feel in an area that felt like us. We weren’t positive we wanted to be in the city, but just recently decided that is the place for us at this time in our lives.

Well we keep striking out and it sucks. Last week we went to meet with someone who was looking to fill two places in her house. It was an August move in and $50 over our original budget, but we figured it was worth a shot to go see it. We both loved it and really enjoyed the girl who is currently living there. We went home hoping she would choose us as her new roommates, but knew we would have to wait to find out (at least a week). Wednesday we got an email from her saying her landlord had put the house up online and had started showing it to people. Okay doesn’t seem to bad. Oh wait and he raised the rent and each of our rents would go up by $100. EEK we were already a little over our budget and just weren’t sure. We each sat down and took a good look at our financials. It was decided that we could afford it and not go broke (depending on how we chose to spend our money) so we texted the girl back. Well we never heard back from her so we assume it’s a no go.

I spent a long time on Friday scouring Craigslist for available places in our budget (a modified one) that would allow us to move in during July/August. After emailing too many places and not getting enough responses we are seeing four-six new places on Wednesday. We need to catch a break so I am hoping a break comes from one of these. This has been extremely stressful on top of all the other stuff we have to do and I would love for the process to be over.


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