scrapbook summer

I used to scrapbook, I was probably 13 and had nothing better to do. I have been wanting to get back into scrapbooking for a while. I think it is a great way to put a ton of memories in one place. I first considered scrapbooking again after I came back from abroad. All these fabulous pictures in countries I may never see again. I wanted them all in one place to look at forever. But I never got around to it, school got busy, I got busy and I sorta forgot.

Since this summer consists of school work and homework only (with some apartment hunting thrown in) I decided I wanted to try and scrapbook. I have dubbed this summer scrapbook summer. I am going to scrapbook my senior year in college because there were a lot of defining moments that I would love to have in a book. After going through my pictures I realized I really did not take that much so I have harassed all my friend to send me pictures to include. Most of them have and they are so great, I cannot wait to include them. So the first step is done, I have all the pictures I want and I have organized them.

The next step is getting my materials. I signed up for Michaels so I could get coupons so I am waiting for a big coupon to come out. Or I might start slowly and just buy the book, and stuff for the first couple of pages. I think that might work better for me. I have finally gotten a handle on how to manage my time with my homework so I am really excited to get started at some point. I am going to doing some posts about the process as I go along. I cannot wait!!


is anyone a scrapbooker?


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