living the life

The weekends seem to keep flying by and next thing I know it’s Monday morning and I am sitting at the dining room table doing my homework…boo. I have been trying to get a good amount of homework done of the weekends so that I can take Monday to just relax before a day of sitting in class all day long! Lucky for me my uncle is taking some classes so usually when he excuses himself to do some homework I follow suit and try to do some of mine.

This past weekend I spent Friday looking at an apartment (nice, but not a lot of young people in the area) and grabbing coffee with an old roommate while catching up. We spent a little over two hours just chatting and hanging out at a Starbucks near her hotel. It was the perfect way to spend a dreary Friday.

Saturday was a little lazier with a day spent at home. That was A-OKAY by me! I started reading a new book (for fun) and just lounged most of the day. I spent some time out on the back deck in the sun and it was marvelous.

Sunday started with breakfast, church, and a trip to the orchards. Just a couple of minutes away from my aunt and uncles house is a HUGE orchard. We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and head out to pick some strawberries. We brought our own containers and picked away. There were six of us (four adults, two children) so it moved along quickly. I would take a gander that we were there for less than 30 minutes, but we got a ton of strawberries. My aunt made a delicious strawberry pie that we had for dessert after dinner. I could munch on the strawberries all day long, they are so delicious!


As for today (the dreaded Monday) I am currently taking a break from homework. I finished homework for one class and am moving on to the other. Later this afternoon I am in charge of getting my cousin off the bus and hanging out with him until my aunt or uncle comes home. Then I am headed to Baltimore to look at yet another apartment. It seems like that is all I am doing these days, running back and forth looking at places to live. Lucky me I am spending the night at a friend’s house and I can’t wait to see her and catch up! It’s sad living so far away from all my friends, I guess that is the real world though.




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