books on books on books

My goal this year was to read at least one book a month for fun. So far so good! May was a rough month, but by May 31st I finished a book. I came in right under the wire. As for June, I have already finished a book!



I just finished reading Elin Hilderbrand’s Summerland. I bought the book a while ago, and just got around to reading it. I love her writing style and I look forward to each new chapter. In this story I was immediately hooked and couldn’t put the book down. I wanted to find out what the reason was behind the decisions made by the main characters. I wanted to figure out how everyone’s lives would change for the better or worse.

The story revolved around the lives of four soon to be seniors in high school and their parents. Like all the other books the author has written, this story took place on Nantucket. I could clearly picture each and every character. Their problems were so real that it was easy to sympathize with them. The entire book I was rooting for something, I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but I wanted something good to come out of all the bad.

I keep coming back to Elin Hilderbrand as an author. I love her books and would recommend them to anyone. They are books I would take the beach, but they aren’t fluff reads. They written well and make you think. She has a new book coming out next month and I can’t wait to grab it!


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