post grade life

If you haven’t been able to tell by my nonstop graduation posts I am living the post grad life. Unfortunately for me, the school work did not end my I picked up my diploma after graduation. As I said in an earlier post I am taking some classes. These classes will help me achieve 150 credits. The reason I need 150 credits? Well that would be so I can sit for the CPA exam and then hopefully be certified as a CPA. My future company required that I have as close to 150 credits as possible before I start work in the fall. Their reasoning, it is always harder to go back to school when you work. I completely agreed with that and these classes were my best option. They were expensive, but when I calculated it out completely each credit will be worth as much as I paid for undergrad credits in the past summer. 18 credits for 4 classes, I’ll take it.

In addition to these classes my time consists of doing homework and apartment searching. Yes I am homeless come the fall. I mean I have somewhere to stay, just not near work and by the time fall rolls around I definitely will feel like I am intruding. My end goal was to be out of my aunt and uncles house by July. This is still the goal, but I am not sure if it is still completely obtainable. I really enjoy staying here (the yummy food really helps) and I love spending time with my cousins. However I do need to grow up and find my own place to live!

This week my roommate and I have a couple of places that we need to go check out and I am keeping my fingers crossed. We really need some good luck so everyone keep their fingers crossed as well!!


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