a half marathon

I feel a little embarrassed and a little guilty to say this, but I won’t be running a half marathon tomorrow like I should be. After some knee pain with my running and little motivation to run by myself I took a lot of time off from training. The time off did me no good and I fell behind and then I fell even further behind. It was my own fault, but there would be absolutely no way I could run a half marathon tomorrow. A couple of weeks ago I had emailed the race to see if there was any way I could switch to the 10k because I felt that would be a better solution for me. I never heard back so I figured this was out of the picture and knew I wouldn’t be able to run 13.1.

I have struggled to get into a schedule with my summer classes and everything else going on with my life. For those reasons my running has taken a back seat. I do plan to get back into running this summer (even though summer heat in Maryland is horrible). Running this time will be slowly. It would be nice to work on getting faster. Currently I am slow! I don’t care about that, but it would be nice to see if I can get faster. My 5k time is not something to scream and shout about, and it would be cool to get it down!

One of my uncles plans to run a 20k in September (labor day) and I am contemplating signing up for that. You might ask, what will change for that, but I am hoping if I have someone to run with or at least know is running the same race then I could do it. It is going to take a lot of thought, but it’s in the back of my mind.

Well that is my rant for today. I’ll be back after the weekend 🙂


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