I seem to have this habit of only posting once a week, and those posts basically say I’ll be back later. Well I have come to say that is going to change (at least I hope so)!!! Since I last checked in I have started my summer classes and let me tell you, they are tough. Yesterday I started my homework at 10am, ate lunch while I did work, took a break at 1 to do some cleaning, back to homework at 2:30 and finally after dinner was completely done editing and reading my homework at 8pm. It was a long day to say the least and I am not looking forward to a summer full of this.

My new schedule looks a little like this on Tuesdays/Thursdays.

  • 5:45am alarm goes off
  • 6am downstairs ready for coffee
  • 6:10am breakfast with my aunt
  • 6:20am brush teeth
  • 6:30am out the door and in the car
  • 6:45-7:30am sit in traffic on some highway
  • 7:45am arrive at school
  • 7:50am print all my homework out for the day and catch up on emails, blog posts (this is where I plan to stay consistent), craigslist ads for apartments, and social media.
  • 8:45am-12pm class starts
  • 12pm lunch
  • 12:30pm-3:45pm second class of the day starts
  • 3:45pm hop in the car and head home!
  • 4:45/5pm arrive home exhausted, sometimes attend my cousins karate lessons if I don’t feel to beat

So there you have it a long somewhat boring day. As much as it stinks to be stuck in the car for an hour – an hour and a half every other day I don’t mind it. I enjoy driving (I don’t enjoy paying for gas) and after sitting in school for an entire day it’s not bad. The homework is ridiculous and probably amounts to the same amount that I had last semester while taking 6 classes. Yesterday it took me almost four hours to read four articles (at least 25 pages each) and take notes on them. That was also just for one class. My teacher makes us take notes on everything we read, but our notes can’t just be outlines. Seems weird, but I am trying to get the hang of it.

My other class is a writing class and I don’t mind that as much. We are constantly engaged during class and have to participate. Each week we have something due and a workshop day so we can become better editors. I like peer editing because I enjoy seeing how my classmates did the same project as me, but just in a different way. It is helpful when it comes time to do the final draft!

Well that is all I have for you today, and because it is #tbt I will include a picture to spruce up post šŸ˜‰ Last Thursday it was four years to the day that I graduated high school seemed unreal, but boy does time fly by!! IMG_1257


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