Week 4 Review

Well another iffy week, but I managed to finish it. Like I said in some earlier posts this week I took a couple of days off it ice. My knee had been bothering me and I wanted to take time to let it get better. The RA on the other side of my hall had surgery on his ACL and MCL right before spring break and luckily had an ice pack he let me borrow!!


So after three days of icing and resting I ran again on Wednesday. It wasn’t pretty and it was slow, but I managed to get in close to four miles in 42 minutes. I took a break on Thursday and had all intentions and even excitement for my run Friday morning. It was only supposed to be an easy 2.5 miles because I had 5 to do on Saturday. I woke up to the pouring rain on Friday morning and obviously a run did not happen. WHY DOES THE WEATHER HATE ME!? I woke up on Saturday not wanting to run, but knowing I had to get a run in or I would be screwed.


5 miles later and I was done. I have never run more than 3.1 miles so I was beyond stoked when I finished this run and felt good. I have been telling myself once I get past a certain number of miles it will get easier. Honestly with my 5 miles I felt like it got easier after 3 miles. Like 3 miles was this huge hill I had to get to the top of and when I did everything would be smooth sailing. Obviously it wasn’t smooth sailing, but it felt easier than the first three miles. My foot started tingling around mile 2.5 and I am not positive why. I need to figure that one out, I am just assuming it is my feet swelling in my shoes. But it was only one foot so who knows (does anyone know?). I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I feel good. I mean I didn’t run it very fast, but I was just proud I did it. This may be me just being an amateur running trying to get in my groove 😉


It is funny to look at the two times and the number of miles and compare. Only about 10 minutes more and a mile more. Rest day on Sunday and back to running on Monday! I am hoping to get some other workouts in during the week to get up my endurance.

Picture 2



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