Never Have I Ever…

run 5 miles. And as of 8:25am this morning I had. I was extremely nervous when I started running and thoughts ran through my head. “What if I can’t finish it, What if I have to walk the whole thing?!?!” I wanted to start slow so I did, and then my second mile was a bit faster. Right at the beginning of my run (about 1/2 mile in) I run around a loop, I decided to run it three times. Once I had run it once it was easier to run it faster the second time. I gave myself a goal to get to and then I could walk for a little bit. I made it there walked and ran as soon as I told myself I would. I gave myself another goal to get to and as soon as I was done with the small walk I ran the rest of the way. I did have to stop at two stop lights so that put me back a little bit. In total I walked .4 miles so less than 1/2 mile and that is good with me!!

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