Weekend Roundup on a Tuesday…Again


  • There is a great burger place in Baltimore that I am constantly hearing things about, but have never gone. I decided that needed to change and asked my foodie lover Jenn when we could go. I was shocked when she said we should go on Friday. I had to work at midnight so we made plans to go early when she got out of her tour. Our little group of two, quickly turned into a group of 6.
  • We didn’t think about the fact that Friday was opening day for the Orioles and downtown was PACKED. Two of us hopped out of the car and into the restaurant to grab seats. We were told a 45 minute wait, but the other still hadn’t found a parking spot yet so that was okay. Twenty minutes later I was getting a text message saying our table was ready (so cool!) and they were still searching for a parking spot. We got our table and waiting 15 more minutes for them to finally arrive.
  • I had already looked up the menu ahead of time and knew exactly what I wanted. I got the Baltimore Burger (crab dip, bacon, cheddar cheese) and tater tots with ranch dressing. It was good, but I think I have come to the conclusion that I don’t like crab dip/ crab anything that much. I know it’s a sin to live in Baltimore and not like crab dip, I will just have to be shunned.



  • Saturday started bright and early with a 3.5 run. After my run I showered and got ready quickly to head to my friends house for pancakes and mimosas. It was one of the last home lacrosse games and there was a special tailgate for seniors. So we got ready to go together.
  • After the tailgate and game I was in need of a nap, I passed out the second I hit my pillow. Unfortunately I had a little lot of fun and felt like complete garbage for the rest of the day. I pulled myself together just enough to go lay on Liz’s couch and watch Pitch Perfect with her. After that I hopped on a shuttle back to my room and again passed out for the night.



  • I didn’t set my alarm and was hoping I could sleep in a bit. With my early bed time the night before I ended up waking up around 8am. I decided to just get up and start my day. I went grocery shopping and was checking out at 9am. The store was empty and it was amazing. I now realize why mom loved shopping early Saturday mornings without all us kids.
  • As I was catching up on what my schedule was for the next week, someone sent an email asking for their work shift to be covered. I jumped at the offer because 1. I need the money and 2. I knew it would get me out of my room and hopefully to do some hw.
  • Last Wednesday when I was feeling like crap one of my friends covered my last duty shift for me so last night I did the same for her. She had a meeting during her first round so I covered that one. I had a scheduling meeting for work right before and got the shifts I wanted.
  • It was an early night after Revenge was over, for an early wake up time to run.

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