Day 19/20 – 1/2 training

Well on Thursday when I said I was going to take Nyquil and head to bed early that is just what I did. I slept for 11 hours and it was glorious. For at least the past three weeks I have been waking up before 8am everyday. It is annoying when all I want to do is catch up on some sleep. I contemplated going for a run after my class at noon, but ultimately decided against it. On the agenda was cross training so I considered that all the walking I did to and from class. I didn’t want to run feeling 50% and then continue to feel 50% on Saturday for my longer run. So I decided to nix it and hope I’d be 100% by Saturday. Friday night I was feeling a little groggy still, but after I got off work at midnight I immediately hopped in bed and passed out.

Saturday morning I set my alarm for 8:15 (I know I just complained I never sleep in) and got in my run for the day. I had breakfast and mimosa plans starting at 10am so I knew I needed to get my run in early or it wouldn’t happen for the rest of the day. Sacrifices people. It was even worse than the run a couple of days before. I was supposed to run 3.5 and ended up running 1.5 and walking the rest. I just couldn’t do it. All day yesterday I had thoughts of not being able to finish the race or not being able to do it. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new week.


2 thoughts on “Day 19/20 – 1/2 training

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