Three Girls and… (a book review)

When I first wrote the title I didn’t include the (….) and then realized it probably didn’t sound so good. Since spring break I have read four books by the same author, actually they all go together. The first three books are labeled Three Girls and …. and then they have a different ending; a baby, a wedding, and a leading man. The last book has all the same characters, but is written from the perspective of none of the girls. It was called The Truth About Ever After. My friend Jenn told me about these books right before we left for spring break and I asked her to “loan” me the first one through Amazon so I could read it while we were on the beaches.

She loaned me Three Girls and A Baby and I was immediately captivated. Don’t let me fool you, I was not captivated because it was just so amazing. I was captivated because it was easy and I was flying through the book. I couldn’t wait to get to the next one. I had fallen in love with the characters, I wanted Ginny to find her happy ending. I am stuck in a phase right now where I just want to read easy reads that don’t take much brain power to read. Maybe it is because I am in school and swapped with other things that take so much focus and I want to use reading as my outlet, an outlet where I am not struggling to read through each page. I quickly finished the book and was eager to start the next. Unfortunately with no wifi Jenn couldn’t loan me the next one until we got back from break. WOMP WOMP.



As soon as we got home from break I started reading Three Girls and A Wedding. I wasn’t loving the main character of this book until a couple of chapters in, but once I was I couldn’t put it down. There is one instance in the book that something happens and the guy the main character likes completely rejects her out of the blue. As soon as it happened I knew what caused it, but you don’t find out until later in the book. At the end of this book, just like the end of the first I wished there was more about how the main characters life would continue.

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I knew immediately I wanted the third book, Three Girls and A Leading Man, so I bought it off Amazon, lucky for me it was only $2.99. I can deal with that, along with buying the last book. Just like Three Girls and A Wedding I didn’t completely fall in love with this book right off the bat, it took a bit longer. I was probably 1/4 of the way through before I was hooked. Don’t let this fool you, I still read the book at unhumanly speeds and was done within a day. I told you they are easy reads. I instantly liked the leading man more than I liked the girl. I was rooting for him throughout the entire book, which seemed funny to me.

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All books ended with happy endings, but I still wasn’t satisfied I wanted to read more about them. I started reading the fourth book right before Easter Break and while I was waiting to get my tooth removed, finished it. The main character of this book isn’t one of the three girls (why it isn’t called three girls) but an extremely important supporting character from the second book. I didn’t love this character in the second book, but fell in love with her kindness and need to support/help her friends in their times of need. I truly enjoyed how she held back on her problems so as not to deflate her friend when she found out she was pregnant. Again it ended in a happy ending, but left with a cliff hanger. I wanted to know what happened after they got back from their vacation. Maybe the author ended the book like this for a reason, who knows?!



Overall I enjoyed these books immensely. I even downloaded a different series by the same author (Again the book was only $2.99, who can pass that up!?).  If you are looking for an extremely easy read, these are your books! They are the epitome of a beach read.


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