Day 17 – 1/2 training

It wasn’t even 8am when I finished my run for the day and it felt good to be done. Oh boy was this run difficult. I am hoping that once I get past a certain mileage the miles will start to feel easier. I didn’t realize how hilly this run would feel. On the agenda was a two mile run, but I had mapped out a 2.46 mile run just to be safe (since I missed all my workout last week). Right around mile 2 I stopped to walk a little. Of course once I started walking I could see the end..I hate when that happens. It also happened to be at a slight incline so I walked until I got to the traffic light and ran the rest of the way.


In the past I have been getting up at 8am to run, but this morning I woke up early for some reason. So by the time I was getting done with my run people were on their way to their 8am classes. I passed four different people I know while on the home stretch of my run. I probably looked like a crazy person. I realized today that I can look at all these cool things on my running app after I finish a workout. I may have gone a little crazy screen shooting. OH WELL.  IMG_1001 IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_1004


One thought on “Day 17 – 1/2 training

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