Day 15/16 – 1/2 training

Well yesterday was a travel day so I did not end up running like I was supposed to. I had all intentions of heading to the gym once I was back at school for a dreaded treadmill workout, but alas the gym didn’t open until 4pm and it was only 2pm. By the time 4pm rolled around I was not getting myself to the gym. I had made myself quite lazy in my room and had no intentions of leaving to go anywhere.

Today I set my alarm for 6:50am to get a quick run in before work at 8am. When I rolled over at 6:30am I decided my sleep was more important and turned my alarm off. I am currently feeling completely guilty for not running. I should have just gotten up and gone for a run. I decided though that because I didn’t go for a run, I needed to get back on track with my training plan. I wasn’t going to rewind and redo last week I was just going to go for it from here. Hopefully it doesn’t affect me negatively. On today’s plan was a 30 minute NTC workout called Muscle Definer. After I got off work at noon I headed back to my room to get it done. Ugh I know I keep saying these workouts are hard, but after taking an entire week off of working out, it was tough. I felt like I couldn’t make it through, but I did. My muscles ache and hopefully once I get back on the working out train I will be better.

Tomorrow I run!


One thought on “Day 15/16 – 1/2 training

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