Weekend Roundup on a Tuesday

So normally I would be doing my weekend round ups on Mondays, but this week it’s on a Tuesday!


  • I spent the afternoon napping (my once a month meeting was cancelled) and then tagging along with Mary to do some shopping. She needed stuff for her Best Buddies group and I needed stuff for my Senior 50s costume. OH EM GEE graduation is in 50 days…SAY WHATTTT. I am ready, but not ready…ekkk
  • I was supposed to go out to dinner with my small staff, but earlier that morning plans changed. Instead Mary and I decided to go out to dinner. We actually ended up going to the place I was supposed to go with my staff, and it was delicious. We got tater tots to split and THEY WERE SO GOOD! We demolished them and probably could have eaten more.
  • Duty called, and by that I mean duty as in I was on duty. I wasn’t supposed to be on a weekend night again until the middle of April, but one of my friends wanted the night off because her friend was visiting. I took this as an opportunity to get my last weekend duty out of the way and now I won’t be on duty for a late night again until FINALS! It feeeeels gooooood!
  • I always like when I am on duty on the weekends because I get a lot accomplished. Tonight I did a load of laundry, took out my trash, folded my laundry, and did A LOT of homework. I have a test on Monday and as much as I feel pretty good about it, I still started studying on Friday.



  • Started off with a trip to the gym for 2 miles and stretching workout.
  • Then a trip to an apartment for an open house. My future roommate and I are starting to get serious about finding somewhere to live so we went to an open house. It had its pros and cons and by no means did we make any decisions on Saturday, we still need to see more places.
  • After the open house I needed a nap in preparation for a long night celebrating 50 days until graduation!! The theme was “S is for Seniors” I went back and forth between so many different options before pulling out the extreme nerd in me and going as SOX. For those unfamiliar with accounting terms…Sarbanes Oxley! I dressed as a nerd and safety pinned the letters to my back. I wore suspenders and they made me look like I was with child, do not worry, I am not. Also Mary and I have a problem with taking selfies.
  • I spent the night celebrating with all my friends and couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend 50 days until graduation, I have some of the best friend ever 🙂 I didn’t end up going out after the party, and instead was asleep before 12:3o and it was glorious.



  • Sunday was spent  studying my buns off for my accounting test on Monday and Tuesday. We got our grades on Friday and I couldn’t have been more happy. Last year I had to drop this very same teacher and I am doing SO much better. New year new me?!
  • I ended up waking up at 8:15am so instead of attempting to sleep later I just got up and studied, but by the time 3pm came I was more than ready for a nap. After my nap I went to grab dinner with Meredith and then it was back to studying.
  • For some reason I was tired all day so at 9pm I finished studying for the night, watched revenge and went to bed early. I had plans to be up early for a run and studying before my class.

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