day 9 – 1/2 training

Today I got up, enjoyed a cup of coffee and then decided to get my workout in for the day. On the agenda was a 30 minute workout from the NTC app. Usually I listen to music while I workout, but I decided to put on a show on Hulu and multitask. I had an assignment due in my advertising class about commercials during tv shows so I figured when is a better time.

I completed the Get Strong Beginner workout that was titled Total Adrenaline. It wasn’t too bad, and it involved using the weights I keep in my room. I only have 8 pound weights in my room and was afraid they would be too much. I pushed through and it was fine, felt good to lift some weights. Tomorrow is supposed to be another run, but I am driving home. Hoping to get home with enough sunlight to still run, just an easy 2 miles.


One thought on “day 9 – 1/2 training

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