Week 1 Complete!!

Picture 1

Week one is complete and I couldn’t be happier. I am glad to say that I followed the plan to a T. It was rough, I was in no way in shape. I knew I needed to start because if I didn’t who knew when I would. I am trying to turn my exercise relationship around and I think it’s helping. I have run 4.5 miles this past week. The Nike workouts were hard and left me sweating, I always feel so accomplished when I am dripping in sweat after a workout. My cross training day could have gone better so I am planning to do some better cross training next week. Maybe a bike ride out in the sunshine at home, I know we have big plans at home, but a short bike ride can happen.

Next week it is stepping it up a notch and I hope I can get all my runs in. There is a run scheduled for Wednesday, but I am going to be doing a lot of traveling that day. My hopes are I can make it home with enough time to run before it gets dark. If not Thursday will be my run day. I also have a three mile on the schedule for Saturday again I am hoping I am not still recovering from getting my wisdom tooth out. I am also going to try to convince my younger brother to run with me. His birthday is the day before, so it could be his first run as a big bad 15 year old 😉 He will probably whip my butt and leave me in the dust, but I don’t mind. Ah I will be back to check in later this week with updates! If you wanna read about days 1-6 feel free to stop by the Half Marathon Training page.

Anyone run a half marathon recently? Did you follow a plan or just wing it?


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