Day 6 – 1/2 training

Well Day 6 is in the books. On the agenda for the day was 2 miles and a 15 minute stretching workout by Kara Goucher on the NTC app. I had mapped out a 2 mile route outside, but since the weather has been a tad bit nipply I decided to take my run indoors and do it on a treadmill at the gym. By running inside I didn’t feel like I had a brick on my chest for the rest of the day. This also allowed me to get my stretching workout done on a mat. The FAC doesn’t open until 9am on Saturday so my run happened a little later than I normally would like. I happened to be on duty the night before so getting up was a struggle, but it was worth it.

My run was eh. I realized how much I really don’t like the treadmill. I felt like I wasn’t running as fast as I would outside and I ended up being SLOW. I did 2 miles of running and .5 of walking in about 30 minutes. Honestly I don’t know when I will be running on the treadmill again because I just felt blah doing it. I didn’t feel good about my run at all.

Oh well it is done and over. Next week is a new week!


2 thoughts on “Day 6 – 1/2 training

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