St. Maarten – last day on the cruise

We spent our last day of vacation in St. Maarten. This was the location that we took the longest to decide where to go. St. Maarten is known for their nude beaches and we weren’t positive that was how we wanted to spend our time. We ended up choosing to go to Dawn Beach. Not a nude beach and still on the Dutch side, so it would be a little cheaper than the French side. Our cab driver was so nice and told us all about St. Maarten as he drove us to the beach, we ended up at a beach along side a hotel which was what usually happened. The weather wasn’t as nice as it had been our entire trip, but we didn’t want to let that bother us.


Mary, Jenn, and Maggie all hopped in the water after putting their stuff down on our chairs. I wasn’t hot so I stayed and read. It started to sprinkle at one point and we all made sure to stay under our umbrellas. Half way through our beach day Ira showed up trying to sell us beaded anklets. He got Maggie first and she did a great job of striking a bargain, next he got Mary, and then he got Jenn. I stayed on my chair hoping to stay out of it until they convinced him to get me. I really didn’t want anything, but he kept trying to sell me anklets. My excuse ALL week was that I would only have enough money to get home in the cab, well Jenn ruined that for me when she told him that she was paying for my cab. Thanks Jenn, I ended up getting two anklets because apparently it isn’t okay to only have one. He ripped me off, I was pissed, I will probably never wear them. OH WELL. Our cab driver was early to pick us up but it didn’t matter because it had started raining and we were more than happy to go home.


Because of our early arrival back to the ship we had plenty of time to enjoy our last afternoon and pack for our trip back home. We spent some time shopping around the duty free port in St. Maarten unfortunately I didn’t find anything I really wanted. I was going to buy a new charm for my Pandora bracelet, but it was the same price as at home and I still thought it was ridiculous. Our last dinner was a special one because we surprised Mary by getting her a birthday cake! She had no idea it was coming and it was perfect 🙂 I also interviewed Mary, Maggie, and Jenn during dinner about what their favorite part of the cruise was. There answers were all so perfect and reflected our awesome time. The girl at the table next to us (who was beyond obnoxious, we caught her licking the butter off her roll numerous times) then decided to tell her entire family (as we could hear her) our lives stories of what she picked up the week while sitting next to us. She even knew our names, then again we knew hers too…Savannah. We all went back to our room more than ready to go to bed and sad our trip was ending.

IMG_0852 IMG_0532 IMG_0542


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