St. Kitts – a day full of adventure

Hello all! I am currently taking a break from studying to check in with you all and update the blog with another cruise post!! Our 5th and second to last day on the ship took us to St. Kitts. Again our morning started out like all others, wait in line for an omelette, eat 3 pinwheels (that was Mary), try to stay hydrated, lather on the sunscreen (and a layer of aloe) and find a cab. We had no idea where we were going when we went out to the cabs and just kinda hopped in a cab with some people and went where they went. We were extremely happy with our decision. On our way to the beach we passed a stopping point where you could get great pictures and our cab driver told us we would stop there on our way home.


When we arrived at the beach we were told we could buy chairs and umbrellas (always my first question) and greeted by a monkey…Timothy. Timothy apparently was just a baby and he wore a diaper. Mary held him first and got her picture taken and then we were all shocked when Maggie picked him up. Don’t worry she sanitized after 😉 After we got to our chairs Mary and I noticed some paddle boarders. We had been saying all week we wanted to go so we immediately asked how we could rent them. A nice guy came over and told us about renting them and we decided to do it right then and there. Just the two of us went and we went for an hour. The guy who rented it to us went out with us to teach us how to do it correctly. I have paddle boarded at home…GO DBCR! But a lake is much different from an ocean. The boats on the ocean also are not very nice near the paddle boards, I almost went over multiple times. The guys paddle boarded with us for about 15 minutes and then departed to go do god knows what while Mary and I continued to paddle around. We even saw a sting ray that followed us for a while.


After about 30 minutes I was started to get really hot and I could tell my burn wasn’t happy with me so I let Maggie ride for the remainder of the time. While they were paddling I took some pictures and actually ended up catching Maggie fall into the water. I didn’t even realize it was happening until I looked at the pictures after. She survived and was a champ!! The rest of the afternoon I spent on my chair reading and occasionally hopping in the water when I got too hot. The sand was burning so I stayed off of it whenever possible. I also found a piece of NH all the way in St. Kitts!!


Around 3pm we got in the cab and headed back, stopping at the lookout point for pictures. Again there was a monkey there and a donkey that you could pay to take pictures with (apparently this is a big thing…weird if you ask me).


Our afternoon ritual was the same and after our nap we got ready for our second formal night. A little less sunburned this time the pictures came out nicer!


Last up, St. Maarten!


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