St. Lucia

Well the bachelor makes St. Lucia out to be ahhmazing, but it wasn’t what I expected. This could also just be the part of the island we went to as we didn’t have time to see the whole island. I also think this was one of the days where I had the most laughs, but not one where I had the most fun. Just like the previous days our mornings started out with breakfast and a cab ride to a beach. I did some research before we left for our cruise and found some recommended places. In St. Lucia it was recommended that we go to Reduit Beach on Rodney Bay. Our cab driver dropped us off at a hotel and we walked around to the beach where there were people waiting for us to get chairs and umbrellas. I still feeling extremely sunburned immediately bought a chair and umbrella. I told the man I needed a big umbrella because I was so sunburned and he took it literal. He gave me the largest umbrella he had, but it allowed me to stay out of the sun all day so it was really nice. Unlike in Barbados the water was awesome. It was really sandy and we watched giant waves all day. A couple of times I got taken out by some waves, also unlike Barbados I had to take off my shirt when I got in the water because the waves got the best of me. It was really nice to be able to swim and just enjoy being in the water. It felt like being at home in the summer and just lounging around in the water all day. Mary and I were extremely jealous of the women next to us that had blow up tubes. They told us they brought them from home and we thought it was such a good idea.


While we were sitting on the beach we were again bugged by the locals trying to sell things. There was one man who asked us if he could do favors for us in return for some money. UHH NO! Instead he sat in front of our chairs and just hung out in the sand, he was strange. When it came time to apply another coat of sunscreen I made sure to stay in my chair. Jenn and Mary helped each other and Maggie was putting on her own. Patrick (that was what he told Mary was his name) offered to help Maggie put it on her back, being the nice girl she is, she told him she might take him up on his offer but she was good for now. We all stared at Maggie and laughed. Don’t worry though I helped Maggie put sunscreen on her back, I wasn’t letting some random person lather her up.


Not long after Patrick got bored with us and moved on another interesting character came along. At all the islands people were offering aloe massages. Now I am no stranger to aloe, but I had never had it straight from the leaf, that is until this man appeared. He came along offering massages and like I said to everyone who came past me, “sorry I only have enough for a cab ride back.” Usually this worked fine and they said they understood and would walk away. Not this man, he said he felt bad for me and that he just had to give me an aloe massage on my legs because I was so sunburned. I kept telling him I had no money and wouldn’t be able to pay him, but he insisted that he would give it to me for free because that is what St. Lucian hospitality is all about. Let me paint a picture for you all, he had three teeth. SO as he rubbed aloe into my legs I cringed and Mary laughed. Let me also inform you that when you have sand on your feet and it gets rubbed into your sunburn by accident…it does not feel good…at all. He did give me my own aloe leave to take home and I appreciate that, thank you random St. Lucian man. The people next to us (sames ones who had the tubes) said that if the random guys hadn’t gone away they would have said something. They were the nicest people ever and they didn’t want to see us harassed, but we were just fine.IMG_0506IMG_0505484804_10151780420589018_853231465_n

A little before 3pm we started making our way to where our cab would be picking us up. After waiting a little while our cab showed up and we were ready to head out. Unfortunately we were missing three people who had the same cab driver and were supposed to be ready to go at the same time…they were not. As we got antsy and encouraged our cab driver to leave them, the newlywed couple (who was a year older than us) got annoyed with us. They tried to tell us that our dads would never leave us on a random island if we weren’t on time; Jenn, Mary, and I all said they obviously didn’t know our dads then. Isn’t it polite to always be early?? After waiting almost 10 minutes we left and I assume they got another cab back to the boat. They still had plenty of time to get back before it took off so they should have been fine. Our typical afternoon ritual happened all over again when we got back.


St. Kitts is next, and it was probably one of my favorite days!!


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