day 3 – 1/2 training

I am getting antsy. According to my training plan (which I know I don’t have to stick to 100%) I am not supposed to run again until Friday. The last time I ran was Monday, I am feeling like I wanna run again. BUTTTT I also don’t want to push myself to much and burn out. So today on the schedule was cross training. I decided I would head to dance class an hour early and hop on a bike. I lasted about 20 minutes before I got to bored. Oh well, at least it was something. While on the bike I read my accounting text book as I have a big test tomorrow. Which brings me to my next point…training tomorrow. On the schedule is a workout from the NTC app. I have already looked at it and it will only take me 30 minutes. I know the only time I will be able to get it in is if I wake up at 6:45 (read: not happening) or if I do it at noon, right after I get out of work and right before I have class. I plan to do that, but who knows. Scratch that I will do it! I’ll be back tomorrow, I just keep hoping for Friday so I can run again!!


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