Day at Sea and Barbados

After a long day in St. Thomas it was struggle city when I woke up the next morning. When we arrived on the boat we decided we would put our money towards a trip to the spa instead of an overpriced excursion. We booked massages for 8am on the day at sea. Monday night we saw in our program that there was a special going on for a facial and full body massage so we upgraded our package as well. Since I got a little sunburned in St. Thomas I was worried that the massage would hurt and I wouldn’t enjoy it. I was wrong, I loved it. I will definitely be getting a massage again at some point. At the end of our massages they try to sell you the products they used on you, the somehow swindled Maggie and she walked away with two near face products. We all got a laugh out of that. We met back in our room and took our time eating breakfast before heading back to the room to rinse off all the oil from the massage so we wouldn’t fry on the deck. Um I am now realizing that I probably didn’t wash the oil enough, come to think about it that is definitely why the burn on my leg was so horrible. Lessons learned. Back on deck we found some chairs halfway in the sun and I was completely okay with that. I needed the shade and didn’t mind it one bit.


We spent the day relaxing, reading, and napping in the lounge chairs. A quick trip for lunch was had and a trip to the hot tub as well. The hot tubs weren’t as hot as you would think. I liked the temperature and thought it was perfect. Back to our lounge chairs it was for the rest of the afternoon before heading back to the room for a quick nap before dinner. Yes a nap was had almost everyday. #longhairdontcare it was vacation. We made our way to dinner and were surprised by a different waiter (apparently ours was sick/hurt). We didn’t mind because we were greeted by Vladamir who was not bad to look at and was extremely friendly. When he took our dinner he informed us that we were weird because we only ordered one appetizer each. Since our next day was our first day at an island we had never been to we asked Vladamir what he recommended. He told us to go to the boat yard and that was our plan for the next day.

We woke up around 7:30 to make sure we were at breakfast by 8:30am. By 10am we were on our way to the boat yard. After talking to a couple in the cab who had visited Barbados many times we were convinced to ditch the boat yard and visit Accra Beach. The couple said that the boat yard would crowded and very much a drinking scene. Realizing I was still recovering from St. Thomas I was happy with the decision to change locations. Our cab driver dropped us off at the Tiki Bar. We bought chairs and umbrellas for what we were told was 15 dollars, lucky for us that meant 10 US dollars, except we weren’t quite sure what the conversion was. Because we bought chairs we were given 15 dollars in Tiki money to be used at the bar and our 10 dollars in Barbados money. I ended up using my Tiki money and Barbados money to get lunch and a drink (that I gave to Mary because I didn’t like).


While sitting on the beach in the morning Maggie was swindled into buying an anklet and because she is so generous she bought Mary one too. We lounged, got in the water to cool down, and then lounged some more. Unfortunately it was pretty rocky (or corally) in the water so we didn’t spend too much time in it. I spent a lot of time under the umbrella with a shirt, hat and sunglasses on because of my previous explained sunburns. I only entered the water to cool off and then get right back under the shade. At 3pm our cab driver picked us up and we headed back to the ship. Unfortunately we got stuck in a lot of traffic, the Canadian people we were sharing a cab with contemplated walking back. In no way did walking back in a foreign place sound appealing, even if you knew how to get back who knows if it is safe or not. We made it back with plenty of time before take off. This is where our ritual for the next week began. After dropping our stuff off in our room we headed for lunch on the lido deck. Lucky for us it was the same deck our room was on! Everyday we got the same thing; tuna, pizza, fries, and chicken nuggets. After stuffing our faces we would head for a hot tub to unwind. After we were bored with the tub we would dry off and head up two levels to the spa. And for the next 15 minutes we would relax in the steam room. The steam room took a few minutes of getting used to, but it felt so relaxing. The rest of our day would be spent napping, showering and getting ready for dinner. Dinner the night of Barbados was formal night, we didn’t take any pictures, but I did eat Lobster and Shrimp for dinner. It was delicious, warm chocolate melting cake was also had 😉

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Next up St. Lucia!


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